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Our numerous Success Stories speak for themselves - Every Child Succeeds





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Every Child Succeeds

Carina G.

"Every Child Succeeds is a wonderful program.

It is a home visiting program, so they come to you, you don’t have to go to them.

The reason for the program is that the first three years are most critical.  If any child has any delays by age 3 – gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech - they have a hard time catching up and need help once they are in school.

  • So Every Child Succeeds teaches games and activities you can do with the baby to get the baby ahead of the game.
  • They do developmental checks to make sure that the baby is developing on time.
  • Also, someone who comes to see you, someone that you can vent to, ask questions and who is not going to judge you.
  • Individualizing it = also, by the time the baby is 3  months old a lot can change  - you could have moved out of your Mom’s house by then. So they can follow you wherever you move, as long as you stay in contact.
  • Home visitors have college degrees and come when they say they will. 
  • It’s not a big time commitment so they usually come out once a week or every other week initially, and then once a month up until the baby is three."





Tara’s Mom

This ECS mom works and is in college but makes time for home visits and working on child development activities with her daughter a priority in her busy life. With the encouragement of her home visitor, mom breastfed baby for 6 months.

This mom also participated in Moving Beyond Depression. Baby is not yet 2 years old and is impressing her home visitor with her advanced skills—she asks questions, speaks clearly, makes detailed drawings and is working on forming letters.

Every Child Succeeds

Every Child Succeeds





Vanessa’s Mom

AR has been with Every Child Succeeds since 05/2015. AR has suffered with depression since her baby’s father was shot and robbed The murder has gone unsolved which has taken a toll on both sides of the family. Mom had stopped working and was unable to keep her place of residence due to the dad’s untimely death--he died before the birth of his child.

Mom then reenrolled in school, started an exercise group and began dating a childhood friend. Mom states that she is grateful for the persistence of her home visitor who supported her at each step of the way and who will always be a part of her family. Baby is now two years old and mom continues to work with him on sign language as a way to build his communication skills. He has started playing drums and is enrolled in a mom and baby swim class. Mom now works and continues to be active in the program - sometimes even meeting with her home visitor on Saturdays.

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